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Comprehensive Asset Management

  • Location
  • Asset
  • Administration
  • Reports
  • Dashboard


Manage all Cleaning & Hygiene works

  • Locations
  • Cleaning Inspection
  • Cleaning Schedules
  • Cleaning Tasks
  • Reports
  • Dashboards


Do your work remotely on the go!

  • Work Requests
  • Job Requests
  • Assets
  • Off-line Operations
  • Online Synchronization
  • Bar-code Scanning
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General Features

Interactive Dashboard

With dynamic dashboard you can customize layout and what data to be displayed on your screen.

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Analytical Reports

Empower your decisions with strong reports and statistics generated from the system on your facilities and resources.

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Questions and answers

1How do you sell it?
We offer two main options for our clients: 1- As a cloud based SaaS. 2- License purchase and product acquisition.
2Is it customizable?
Yes. However, all our products are ready to implement products and have been developed with best practices by practitioners and experts. You most likely don't need to customize unless you have very special needs.
3Does it support Arabic?
Yes, nevertheless, our products have Hijri calendar too! Our products have dual description fields so they are totally bi-lingual.



Up-to-date technology is always implemented to improve performance and provide best user experience!

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